My New Waist Trimmer Belt!

So for my first post, I will talk about my new waist trimmer that I got today. I went online and found one here(  There are various types of waist trimmers. They’re usually always created from a neoprene cloth so that they’re comfortable, lightweight and durable. They’re pretty easy to look after but sometimes need to be lightly cleaned after use.

They use Velcro to fit to the body and for a flexible fit on waists sized all the way up to 50 inches. Some can also use built in cold and hot packs that could aid with sore muscles. A waist trimmer belt is often promoted as a product which makes it possible to lose unwanted weight, fat or inches from the waist.

The idea is that a waist belt functions by employing the heat that’s created during exercise and sweat to help decrease weight around the abdominal region. Essentially, you wear the belt at times that you would be exercising anyway. You are able to use it while running, walking, using gym equipment and machines and with a weight training workout.

waist trimmer belt

A waist trimmer belt doesn’t melt away fat or provide you with a magically flat tummy by simply wearing it. What it really does is help to encourage greater perspiration and much more fluid loss that could bring about more weight reduction. In the event that you should weigh yourself right after a work out using all the waist trimmer belt, then you may observe a reduction in the weight.


Hello Everybody

Welcome to my new blog. I’m finding this a bit wierd, writing about myself on the internet. But here I am, in all of my glory.  So anyway, that is all I can think of to write in my amazing introduction. 🙂